Make your research
and clinical data reliable

BOHR is your private decentralized solution
to store and share your research and clinical data files

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BOHR is simple and intuitive, and does not change your work habits.

Download BOHR on all your devices and create your account. To guarantee maximum confidentiality, you can choose any username you want. Your email or any other personal data is not required.
Create your first project and pick a folder to monitor. BOHR will automatically synchronize on all your devices all the files in that folder, and any subsequent changes made to such files.
Add others to your projects to share your data. The project files you've shared will be sent on a peer-to-peer basis, without ever going through any cloud. Even we at BOHR will never have access to your data in any way.
BOHR ensures the integrity of data even when data is stored only one device by a single user, or when data is shared amongst a very limited number of people.

Take control
of your data

Your files and data are stored only on your devices and are always synchronized in real time without the need for any cloud. You decide with whom to share them, privately via peer-to-peer communications.

Use BOHR to fully own and control your data

GDPR Ready

Thanks to our patent pending technology, BOHR is perfectly compliant with GDPR. With BOHR data is never sent to any cloud, so only you, and those you authorize, have access to your data, without any intermediary.

Learn more on how BOHR makes data management GDPR compliant

Environmentally friendly

BOHR eliminates the need for complex cloud infrastructures, thus reducing energy consumption and management costs.

See how BOHR can reduce energy consumption

Pricing plans

Enjoy our simple flat pricing plan, or request a tailored solution for your company.

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Independent research
  • 1 projects
  • Unlimited users
  • For independent researches only
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • 30 days trial (no credit card required)
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BOHR is your private decentralized solution to store and share your files.